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Funeral services


Komunalni Servis LLC carries out transportation of the Deceased from a place of death to the Mortuary at Cemetery. Funerals are performed on business days from 11,00 hours until 16,00 hours during winter and until 18,00 hours during summer. 

Other services:

  • Taking over the deceased person
  • Transportation in a funeral vehicle on the territory of the Republic of Croatia
  • Obtaining documents needed for transportation of the Deceased
  • Organization of a funeral:
  • Printing and posting of death notices on notice boards and appreciation notes
  • Sending a Death notice to the daily press 
  • Setting up a PA (Public Address) system 
  • Organization and contracting of a brass band, trumpeters, Sopela 
  • Carrying of the deceased person 
  • Use of trolley for wreaths and flowers 
  • Contracting Religious rites 

For detailed information, please get in touch with us via Phone: 052/816-620 on workdays from 07 to 14 hours or via E-mail address:

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